Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo is one of Britain's most important archaeological sites, ranking in significance with Stonehenge in Wiltshire. The burial ground of the Anglo-Saxon pagan kings of East Anglia, Sutton Hoo is the site of one of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries ever made in this country. It has been called "page one of English history" and archaeological digs have uncovered numerous and now famous treasures.

Sutton Hoo is a group of low grassy burial mounds overlooking Woodbridge and the River Deben in SE Suffolk, England. In 1939 excavations brought to light the richest burial ever discovered in Britain, an Anglo-Saxon ship containing the treasure of one of the earliest English Kings, Rędwald, King of East Anglia. Further excavations, completed in 1992, proved the site to be a complex collection of burials, some royal, others possibly the victims of judicial execution. Most recently, excavations in advance of building work in 2000, uncovered the remains of another, earlier cemetery, 500m north of the main mound cemetery.

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